Unsaid Words

 “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

― William Shakespeare

Of all the years that I hope to be with you

And in those moments of lost thoughts

I hear them all; those unsaid words, feel I always knew

Them to be present, within the knots

Of your heart’s secrets; only to find them

Inter-weaved and concealed

Secured away from every despair and mayhem

I close my eyes, listen to the unsaid and desire to be healed

From the pain and hurt; let the fire quench

Of my burning soul

But, your stare stings deep; on this bench

I sit still; and let my fantasies go beyond control

I watch you, looking at me, with altering glances

Smiling and caressing, my curves on your canvas

I keep going back to my thoughts and wonder, of my chances

To live my dreams; I call it my madness

But my feelings perennial, and will always be

Such is my desire to grow old with you

You shake me out of my trance asking to have a look at me

Transfixed, I stand gaping vacantly

At the most beautiful painting I would ever see

Since it said those unsaid words;

“Be Mine, Coz I Care”

Our fingers entangled, your eyes staring through

All I could respond is “Yes, I will be there”
Picture Credit- Me “Painting displayed at KGAF 2015”
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15 thoughts on “Unsaid Words”

  1. Marvellous piece of composition Dipanwita… Beautiful lines “To live my dreams, I call it my madness… But my feelings perennial, and will always be” & I just loved your painting… 🙂


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