Take Me Away, Make Me Free

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“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

― Richard Puz

I am;
Turning into triviality,
With each grain of sand
Diminish beneath my feet.
Staring into tenebrosity,
Of the night, and
Wonder, how it never ceases to cheat.
If ever;
You see me digress,
Seduce me, with your smile so divine.
You feel my coldness,
And chills run down your spine.
Infatuate me, with your gentle caress,
Let our souls intertwine.
Hold me, with sensuous kiss, make me free,
Of all things I misunderstood
Love me, till the moment of adios.
Take my hand, take me away, walk with me,
Into the woods
Until my existence draws to close.
When in Life;
You decide to stop loving me,
Ask not for me to anyone, ‘coz
I, would vanish, bit by bit,
Into cessation
But, in all your memories, I would stay
For I, am your addiction.
I beseech you, to,
Never break off from love
And I shall follow you,
To the greens and the blues;
Of the plains and the seas
Beyond eternities.
Take my hand, walk with me; Take me away and make me free.


 **This poem has been published in Writer’s Ezine June- 2015 issue and has been adjudged the Exceptional Poem for June 2015

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19 thoughts on “Take Me Away, Make Me Free”

  1. yeah the last line says it all beautifully ..
    I liked the tone of – ” I would vanish bit by bit..” and its SO true .
    Hope she gets everything she is asking for … its not much , Its absolute 🙂
    PS- its a 'she' .. isn't it :p


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