Over To You. Dear Reader.

Surreal and subjective,
Elates hearts and desires,
Flames dreams and passion,
Reverberates emotions,
Glides high when new and happy
With scintillating eyes  
And a radiant beam.
Wrapped in the bubble,
Of loyalty and benevolence,
Of faith and honesty,
Of blinded trust,
What a virtue it is
Can it ever die, once ignited?
……………Over to you, dear reader.
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6 thoughts on “Over To You. Dear Reader.”

  1. What is love ?

    A question that intrigues.
    A zephyr…
    Gentle, soothing,
    Balm for the soul,
    Is this love ?
    Or this grandiose emotion,
    The grist of much folklore..
    Is it this surge of joy ?
    Heart a racing,
    And face on fire..
    Or this tempest,
    Wreaking havoc,
    The green eyed monster on a jamboree..
    Sometimes so mendacious,
    Leaving one and all forlorn.
    Love is at times,
    Intrepid, intransigent..
    Surviving against all odds.
    Love like life,
    Is intangible, ephemeral,
    But for life and the alive,
    Love is integral.


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