And…In The Fullness Of Time

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Between the beginnings and the ends;
There is time that unfurls,
And the distinct universe does unfold.
Between being loved and unloved;
The mere state of one’s being turns unbeing.
Distances grow, endless chapters locked within;
Between prologue and epilogue.

Between being happy and unhappy;
Everything dwindles to become an impression.
Between yesterday and tomorrow;
Today is the best day, irrevocable too,
Let it sink in fervently.
Between being touched and untouched;
Are, surreptitious glances exchanged,
Till the magic wanes;
Between being kissed and unkissed.

Between being valued and unvalued;
Are, sentiments and emotions,
That behest to be felt.
When there are million seconds to fill in;
Between words and silence.
Time seems to stand still;
Between being spoken to and remain unspoken.
And eventually, time flies;
Between being expressed and unexpressed.
Nonetheless; That which demands to be
Felt is unfelt,
Loved is unloved,
Valued is unvalued,
Expressed is unexpressed,
And, in the fullness of time; Lost.

Published on Writer’s Ezine- September 2015 Edition

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26 thoughts on “And…In The Fullness Of Time”

  1. Dipanwita I am so impressed by it ..Its an exceptional poem! Its profound , deep and yes, there is today which we can work on, still I (alone ?) found heart-breaking sadness in it.
    The image is so apt.


  2. Sadness and heartbreak is because people fail to value time. In pursuit of a better tomorrow, people fail to notice and respect the feelings of loved ones around. I tried to convey the feelings of few such hearts Kokila..

    Thank you 🙂


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