Tranquility Surrounds

Gazing at the waves,
And their many attempts
To brush against my feet.

I turn my face;
To the wind
Dipped in salt
And bittersweet.

I time travel;
To the decade that passed by
Gifting reminiscences
Of simmering coffee
Smiling cookies
Melting sun
And twilights.

Aha love!
Your gracious smile
And glinting eyes
Piercing through
The realm of my heart.

I smile at the waves,
Endeavour triumphs
As they kiss my feet.

Bustling with laughter;
You and I.

One peck on my cheek;
Held in your arms,
I freeze and melt
In chorus
Tranquility surrounds.

Linking with Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Tranquility

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24 thoughts on “Tranquility Surrounds”

  1. Ahh. I sit in those memories at the shore as well. It's a memory well and a tranquility well and a wishing well. In the sunlight and wind, there is never an urgency there.


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