Whimsical Wishes

To dart towards you,
At every call of your’s
To embrace your might,
To permeate your presence in my every breath,
To freeze with you,
To awash like the melting glacier,
Learn from your caverns;
To climb above emotions
To take betrayal as a lesson;
Coz, equally treacherous are your ridges
To stand colossal;
And resilient, with each dying season,
Yet remain humble and grounded
To tell tales of antiquity;
And of the glories galore,
To bathe in the misty clouds;
Like you do
To stare at the sun, straight into his eyes,
To talk to the stars;
And glare at the stunning moon
To live;
And, to die in your laps
Oh Beloved Mountain.

Clicked during one of my many treks- The Peak in the picture is Kalawantin Fort

Linking with Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Mountain  

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