Her Morning Kiss

Every morning;
She smiles at me, embraces me,
And pours her love.
I feel her kiss, the wetness of her lips,
She holds me close,
She holds me tight
Leaving her mark on me.
I hear her all day, sitting alongside;
Confessing her love;
For coffee, books and travel,
For friends, wine and chocolates,
And…her love for him
That twinkle in her eyes,
That vivacious smile 
Even at the trifling thought of him,
Says it all.
A little heartache tweaks;
Deep within me,
Leaves me pondering
Does she love me or does she not?
Aha! How can she not?
I am the one she starts her day with.
Encircled with stress,
I am the one she would always miss
I am… Her morning kiss.
I am… Her coffee mug.

My Coffee Mug

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