“Q” Is For “Quiescent” #atozchallenge

Oh Darling!
It’s always difficult at the beginning,
The road and the inning,
Filled with ambiguity
And uncertainty.

Hold my hand;
And I shall hold yours
Have my back;
And I shall have yours
Let’s cross the borders;
Of altercations,
Of inducements,
And anxieties.
Listen to my heart,
It’s you it beats for.
Look into my eyes,
That’s where my love resides,
Quiescently though
For you, Only for you.

Trust me sweetheart;
Love shall prevail,
And shall reach the smiles
Making way
Through the tunnels dark,
Swimming across the ocean of tears.
I beseech you, my love,
Let’s hold on strongly,
Stay still, 
With conviction
In the hearts.

I have signed up for Blogging From A – Z Challenge April. Today’s post is for Day 17. The above picture is taken during sunrise on top of Nandi hills, Bangalore, India.

My List From A – Z

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